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Let's transform your overwhelm into impact.

It's Your Time.

Who This Works For

You're in an exciting time of growth, and you have moments where you wonder if you can handle it.  Leading a new team.  What an exciting next step to making the impact that you crave.

But there is SO MUCH to learn.  

You'd love to have time to read all the leadership books and take all of the leadership courses so that you could feel more confident, but between trying to learn your new job, to build trust, and give direction to your new team, that's just not happening.


You long to work in an environment where the unique strengths of each employee are valued, highlighted, and put to work.  A place where compassion for each other, your customers, and those in your nearby community is in the company DNA.  A place where conflict is not avoided, but transformed into growth.


Now that you’re part of the leadership team, you feel a greater responsibility and opportunity to make this workplace you long for a reality.  


But how are you going to do that in this new role?  How will you set and execute your leadership vision and strategy while dealing with the daily “fires” that arise?  How will you elicit and utilize the strengths of each of your team members to achieve your desired outcomes? How will you advocate for yourself, your team, and the values of compassion, respect, and justice?  How will you succeed with your own brand of leadership, not by conforming to the norms? 


You don't want it to feel this overwhelming.  You don't want to just survive through this time of transition.  You want to discover clear steps to lead authentically in a way that facilitates peak performance and a thriving team.

Our coaching packages give you the clarity & confidence you crave.


"Teri has been invaluable in helping me discover my unique gifts and building my confidence to help me achieve more than I ever thought I was capable of. As a coach, she finds way to take my confusing mess of thoughts, ideas, and doubts and turns it into something coherent and meaningful, helping me forge a clear path forward to the next step of my leadership journey."

Lauren Kramer, Manager

Coaching Packages


Team Accelerator

Develop together to create a thriving, high-performing team

  • 3 team development sessions

  • 12 private coaching sessions

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment

  • Laser calls (15 mins.) between sessions, as needed

  • 6 months of Voxer/Email access

Leadership Impact

Reduce overwhelm & accelerate your leadership development with an experienced guide by your side

  • 12 private coaching sessions

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment

  • 6 months of Voxer/Email access


Gain clarity on your unique strengths & values and create a plan for embedding them in your own brand of leadership

  • 4 private coaching sessions

  • CliftonStrengths Assessment


What People Say


Nicole de Paz, Pediatrician

I was connected with Teri at a key point in my professional and personal life--I was a new mom, adjusting to a recent move, trying to figure out the next phase of my career--lots of transitions! I always felt like I came out with a clearer view of things. I really appreciated Teri's approach--she listened well, asked thoughtful questions, and helped guide me to look at the issue at hand from multiple perspectives. I never felt like she was pushing any one "right" answer, but instead felt like she was genuinely invested in me and being a sounding board for whatever I was working on. I think Teri's coaching program would be excellent for any woman who is interested in working toward the best version of herself in multiple spheres of life (work, home, relationships, community, etc).

image0 (14).jpeg

Jessica Rohani, Psychologist

Teri helped me reframe my thinking by identifying and focusing on my strengths and the types of activities that energize me. I found that Teri’s service-oriented values and empathetic listening truly aided our coaching partnership, and I would recommend her coaching to anyone looking to grow into the best version of themself.

Questions? Ready to invest in yourself to move forward?

Let's set up some time to talk, so that I can better understand your goals, ensure I'm the best person to assist you, and answer any questions you have.  Bonus:  I'll walk you through a free leadership assessment!

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