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Our Core Values

Compassionate Leadership

True leaders focus on cultivating individual growth, building courageous organizations, and contributing to a more just and caring world.

Conflict Transformation

Impactful leaders transform the energy-draining friction of conflict into generative productivity through use of social and emotional intelligence, perspective-taking, communication and motivation.


Leaders that integrate all elements of wellbeing into their personal and team practices catalyze thriving and resilient organizations.


Leaders know that each person has unique value and should be uplifted as such.  We seek to amplify the unique talents of each individual so that both they and those who they lead can flourish. We seek to inspire and design just and compassionate workplaces that transform communities.

Our Leadership Development Model

Our leadership development model is a cyclical model with clear outcomes.  As leaders, we travel through each of these phases multiple times through our careers.

Ground: To effectively lead, leaders must first know who they are.  We help leaders gain clarity on their strengths and values so that they can lead with authenticity and impact. Outcome = Clarity

Grow: Continuous learning and development is a must for leaders.  Learning from experts as well as personal successes and missteps enables leaders to hone their skills and adapt to our VUCA world. Outcome = Confidence

Give: Leadership development is for the benefit of others.  You develop yourself to enrich the lives of others and create a more just and caring world. As an added benefit, giving of yourself to your teams and to your community is one of the best ways to continue to develop your skills and enhance your own wellbeing. Outcome = Connection

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Founder & Director

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Teri Schmidt is passionate about human connection and the leadership potential within each of us. 

She loves to develop individuals, teams, and organizations and has led multiple teams during her 20-year career.  At JetBlue Airways, she led teams focused on using data to help employees excel on the job, facilitated professional development workshops, and coached leaders and individual contributors. 

In 2017, she founded Stronger to Serve, a nonprofit dedicated to helping families enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing so they could achieve their potential while removing barriers to those in need in their communities achieving theirs.

Eager to support working moms who excelled in many of the power skills necessary for success in today’s economy, she launched the Moms that Lead podcast in 2020.  Through the podcast and associated leadership coaching, she helped women gain clarity, confidence, and connection so that they can share their unique talents and reach their potential in the workplace, community, and at home.

Most recently, seeing the disconnection and strong desire for meaning at work, particularly among new leaders, Teri has combined her efforts, launching Stronger to Serve Coaching & Teambuilding.  Female leaders hire her to gain the clarity and confidence they need to unleash potential, drive team performance, and make their workplaces and communities more compassionate and just.

Teri is an IRONMAN triathlete who loves to be in nature backpacking, camping, and doing some occasional rock climbing.  She currently lives outside of Dallas with her three favorite people, her husband Jeff and her two teenage kids, Tyler and Megan.

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