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Let's transform overwhelm into impact.

You're thrilled to be in your new role, leading a team.

But, the overwhelm is REAL.

You feel like you're drinking from multiple firehoses.

New processes to learn.

So much work, so many questions.

And you're dealing with a whole new set of human dynamics.

The imposter syndrome voice is getting louder.

Is the impact you dream of really possible?

You're eager to gain leadership clarity & confidence.


Hi, I'm Teri

You already have what it takes to be incredibly successful as a leader.  Your strengths, values, passion and desire to grow will ensure your success.  You are capable of so much more than you think.  

How would your days be different if you had a trusted partner to get you past the overwhelm to the full use of your leadership capability?

With over 20 years of experience improving the performance of leaders and teams in the corporate and nonprofit sectors and a passion for helping leaders thrive while they create more compassionate and just workplaces, I'm here for you.

How We Support You

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1-to-1 Leadership Coaching

Gain clarity and confidence to lead as your best self.  Tackle your current leadership challenges and elevate your ability to drive peak performance & impact

Strong Leaders Serve Podcast
Strong Leaders Serve Podcast

Inspiring stories and leadership mentoring published weekly to help you develop capability to create a more compassionate & just workplace through your leadership.

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Teambuilding with Impact

Strengthen team bonds while having fun, learning & doing good. Great for large or small teams, co-located or geographically distributed.

Our Latest Episode

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